Caroline said:

I had the pleasure of attending one of Magda’s Weight Management courses with a work colleague, like most I was a little unsure what to expect but within minutes I found myself totally enthralled. Magda covered everything concerning foods and their composition what was healthy and what wasn’t as well as health topics e.g diabetes and blood pressure , the course was made even more fun and interesting by us having regular workshops together which in turn led to our group on the course becoming good friends. To keep us focused after every class we were given literature and booklets to take home too. A great course, taught so well by Magda, I would advise anybody to attend one of her courses as it sure makes an interesting and fun evening out.

Anonymous said:

I heard about Magda’s services on a business WhatsApp group.

At the time I was unhappy with my weight and the change with my shape after having my daughter. Prior to this, I was a slim size 8-10 however after pregnancy I went up two dress sizes.

I wanted to get healthier and eat well without completely cutting everything out. A lifestyle change is what I needed.

Magda was amazing, she was non-judgmental and incredibly professional from start to finish. She offered lengthy time slots where I could have conversations about eating well. She also provided me with multiple resources to support my journey. Magda helped me to read labels to choose healthy options and look out for hidden salts/ sugars etc.

The exercise was something that I dreaded.

I was generally quite unfit. Magda supported me with workouts starting from what my abilities at the time were, and then progressively becoming more advanced. Even now since I have completed my sessions she will regularly keep in contact and ask me how I am getting on.

She explained this is a gradual change that may take time. I have become more aware of how I am eating and how it can impact on my health.

I can’t recommend her services enough. If you are looking for a healthy lifestyle change and to improve your mindset and knowledge with eating right, no doubt you are in the right place.

Fatima said:

Magda is very knowledgeable and gives good diet advice. Before I met her, I never used to take notice of food labels, she educated me on how to read the food labels and to make good lifestyle choices. Thanks, Magda.

O. Haffar said:

I have used Magda for personal training sessions on a weekly basis and I’m really happy with the results.
She prepared a weekly plan to suit me and gave it to me in writing so that I can practice the movements during the week.
My health has improved and I have more energy.